Nothing more. Can one join two of these bags together ? The bag is surprisingly durable. I used the 40 degree option over memorial day weekend for a 40 mile backpacking trip. The North Face One Bag Sleeping Bag. Gear Review: The North Face Aleutian 3S Down 20 Degree Sleeping Bag Weight is everything when backpacking the steep trails of the Rocky Mountains. That said, the stuffed dimensions are 8 x 15 inches. This is my first sleeping bag purchase and I'm very happy with it. Great concept. Quick summary (why I returned it): This is a nice summer bag with an attached blanket. These weights are based on a regular length. I highly recommend it. I’m really happy with the flexibility this bag for different temperatures... but I absolutely love the bag for the non-claustrophobic fit. example, what does the 40degree and 20degree setup weigh? The regular bag can accommodate a user up to 72 inches tall. Thanks. “I was most surprised by the 40°F option,” one tester says. Does the bottom of the bag have synthetic or down fill? Available at REI, 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. Is this sleeping bag good choice for summer climbs on Mt. Could go colder for sure. What is the internal length of the regular size bag when configured for 5 degrees? What kind of baffles does it have? Cheers. I am 5'11" about 200#, with broad ish shoulders. This bag is extremely versatile and can used for base camping around Mt. My wife is jealous and now she wants to trade in her old Snowshoe for a One Bag! Thanks for Watching. It is very unique in the fact that it can be three different kinds of sleeping bag. Most versatile. Shop the latest high tech sleeping bags with free shipping today! One bag that turns into 3 different sleeping bags. You get a lot for an excellent price, including the Flex Vent suspension system that North Face is famous for. What is the foot circumference? the included stuff sack does not seem to compress as much as I would like. For insulation, this bag gives you the unique choice of utilizing water-resistant down, synthetic insulation, or both together! The stuff sack that comes with the sleeping bag (I have the regular size) is pretty useless when needing to save space for backpacking. Has a wide footbox too. Giving overall weigh is only part of the story since the full setup would probably be used less than the other two, at least in my case. It almost feels like you're sleeping with blankets on, not a confining bag. ​There are two zippers per line on this sleeping bag. The only complaint I can find with this bag so far is in really cold nights you have two zippers to deal with when you want to get up to go wee-wee in the middle of the night, since in 5° mode there are two layers in top. I used the bag in temperatures to 12 degrees and found that I needed another layer of clothing to retain my overall comfort level. Are there directions anywhere I could follow? What size Sea to Summit Aeros Premium Pillow will fit in the hood of the long bag? It's super warm and I have lots of space to sprawl out, as that's how I like to sleep (I'm 5 ft, 130 lbs). The store model was much more fluffy and thick. While it may work, the One is using the standard set up with the bag on top and a sleeping pad underneath. 20 degrees and I was snug and comfortable. Much like its predecessors, it’s a tough, feature-filled and versatile duffel bag that truly stands out among the crowd. The One Bag is an awesome bag! The Base Camp Duffel has everything you’ll need in a duffel, including a compact and packable design, and probably the best durability of any bag out there.. It’s a good looking bag with a compact, industrial design. Any suggestions, otherwise I have the perfect bag? The snaps on the interior of the bag allow you to create the shawl feature. Tight fitting mummy bags are a nightmare for me, but finding a bag that is warm enough yet compact enough has been a challenge because I’m still not sold on down bags (problems with wetness and the way they compress under you to give basically no insulation). But, with the great return policy at REI, I decided to go for it. I want to know if it would be wide and long enough to use on its own as a quilt/blanket in warmer weather. How many zippers per line does this have? It creates kind of a sphere and doesn't compress the sleeping bag as much as it can be compressed. Match the color coded zippers then zip together. Used this on a 11 day hunting trip. Used the yellow portion (20*) zipped all the way up and kept the outer blue layer 1/4 zipped and folded back resting over my lower legs and feet. A 10 liter stuff sack will work well for the regular length sleeping bag. I’m a restless side sleeper and turn around a lot at night. It has a padded fleece-lined 15” laptop compartment, a removable waist belt and a two water bottle pockets made with stretch mesh. ​We unfortunately do not have a photo of this sleeping bag stuffed and sitting next to a Nalgene bottle. We're LIVE from Outdoor Retailer Summer Market with The North Face and host Lauren Steele talking about The One Bag, TNF's new sleeping bag system. The zippers can get stuck from time to time and it is a concern for the longevity of the bag. Can two people mate their bags together? Interesting this bag can use a 22inch wide foam pad like a Thermarest inside the bag, as I have rolled off of pads put underneath a bag what is your logic in advising putting the pad underneath the bag ? The North Face 28-liter Borealis Backpack is a classic that has been around for a while. It has a single sheet that zips in which is what makes the bag warmer. Thx! As of November 2017, we do not carry a women’s specific version of this bag. Bought this bag to take on Everest Base Camp trek, knowing I would be sleeping across a range of temperatures. Either way you won't regret buying this bag. While it’s not the warmest bag on the market, it packs up small and easily, and lasts years. However, if you have a large sleeping bag compartment in a backpack, or store it externally, this may not be a problem. Take it road tripping, camping or backpacking in any season. The 15L also worked great to stuff the medium setting (base layer and down layer) by myself. I was wondering how accurate the rating for this bag is for women?! An ingenious 3-in-1 sleeping system, The One Bag has interchangeable layers to configure it for 5, 20 or 40°F temps. It is well designed for a comfortable use. Fully loaded the weight inside distributes itself very evenly thanks to the compartments and how they are organized. This should not be rocket science. I'd like to leave a note with regards to the stuff sack for other buyers. I took the lightweight cover all of the way off to use on a warm night without the bag - and now I can't figure out how to reattach it to the bag. I don't see any stuffed dimensions. The one we got was thinner. With those stuff sacks, the sleeping bag packs as it should. The North Face Gear Reviews. More. ​The overall length of the regular is 80”, long is 87”. The back padding is already very good so the hardness is mostly to protect your laptop/ipad if you drop the bag.