We take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as a leading importer, distributor and wholesaler of household textile products in the Czech Republic.

In our offer are not only affordable but also high quality products for demanding customers.

We have a wide selection of pillows, bedding and bed sheets (terry, jersey, jacquard, batik, canvas), bedding (cotton, crepe, flannel), quilts, towels, towel, bathrobes, microfaser blankets and other goods.

We also have our own sewing workshop to satisfy the special requirements of our customers.

Aliza SanaTex s.r.o is an expert on quiet sleep. Give yourself and your family a healthy, undisturbed sleep and you will know the benefits of this great investment every night.

Aliza SanaTex s.r.o offers a wide range of mattresses, blankets, pillows and bedding. With us you can choose according to your needs and at reasonable prices. Most of our products are certified by OEKO-TEX Standard 100, which is a recognized worldwide label for the health of harmless textiles. You are therefore confident that our products are not only pleasant but also healthy!

We have a very effective team of experts. We are fully equipped with computer and all the modern techniques and technologies we use to improve our services. I also provide - which we consider very important - a strong after-sales service.

Trust and reliability are the core strategy of our company.

We have a wide range
of home textiles for you

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