He decided to lay low until daytime, when he would sneak out of the city. Zark-He Ugrum's story does have a very samurai feel to it, and an Orc is a good choice for that kind of play-through. Today we will be going over some ideas for perks, quests, and roleplay ideas for this playstyle. All objects must be found on fallen enemies or as quest rewards. Yep! As he rode across the border and breathed a sigh of relief, he saw some sort of commotion ahead of him. @H: I agree with you about the increased combat difficulty making for a more realistic approach to combat. It's not always enough to have a detailed history and hopes and fears, they have to inspire you in some way. As a child, Luthien always desired money, and has developed an obsession with gold, and making more of it. No second thought, no second chance, no mercy. Velus is very inquisitive in nature and enjoys collecting and reading books. With orphans? The heartbeat and heavy breathing will show you when you are out of stamina and health. (A happy journey ). She believes in freedom and loyalty (not to blood, but to those with the same values, but her only-child syndrome sometimes gets in the way. It's Ana's mod that i use when i building house and other details outside my house, like tree's (smal) plant's, animal place, and much more. or anything/one that attacks you or any 'good' person unprovoked). Aria's father was a nord, and her mother was an imperial. share. The High King was powerless to help his people, and a rather aggravated man charged into the court and brutally murdered the King. Use only the paper map included in the game box, or one found online. Perks 8. To give you some inspiration, here are a couple of examples of characters that I came up with: These characters are dramatically different in temperament and have radically different motivations, but both of them are workable long-term characters. While at an inn in Cyrodiil, he was told by the Keeper of the maker of the dagger he carried. jabdar was 126% sure he was gonna win as he had stronger built and muscles and that boy was weak with only a dagger. Something you'll hear actors asking themselves all the time is "What is my character's motivation?" He swore to avenge his parents' death by destroying the dark brotherhood. These forks can be set to "hostile", meaning they will do damage to any character that may be so unlucky as to be struck by lightning. He'd always have several with him in Cyrodiil, but with no place to keep them, he had to sell most of them when he finished reading. While you're out wandering around, don't forget to take some screenshots. I'm with you on that one. hagard father Gunnar was a well respected and noble warrior. She is unable to use bows well because she lacks the depth perception to use ranged weaponry. No waiting, only sleeping. I need serious help! Don't play as an overpowered warrior of doom - you are there to observe. Also included are playstyle tips for each of the character builds. The characters I have that don't pick locks are swimming in gold. Others will be taken by my hand. You can also give them preferences about the kind of loot that they will take. Avoid the temptation to 'peak under the hood' every time you have to make a decision about your character's progression and just enjoy the game. Study the Environment, maybe join the college at winterhold, randomly devote yourself to researching certain objects such as standing stones or alchemy ect... See if you can gain enough money to build a house through the hearthfire DLC if you have it.